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Self Defence and Martial Arts Tips - the Role of Tools and Targets in Maximizing Striking Power

Author: Michael Harkess

In a self defenceself protection situation Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys , once conflict becomes physical, you need to get the job done very quickly (within 30 to 60 seconds). The objective of every strike is to incapacitate the opponent. To produce an injury that fundamentally changes the normal functioning of the body.

To cause such an injury, you have to generate and transfer the largest amount of kinetic energy possible into the target芒鈧γ⑩偓娄you have to maximize your striking power.

There are four elements required to maximize striking power. Four elements to achieve the power required to incapacitate an opponent. Those four elements are: Structure, the Body in Motion (kinetic energy), an Appropriate Tool, and a Specific Target.

This article is confined to a discussion of the third and fourth elements 芒鈧€?an Appropriate Tool and a Specific Target.

The term tool describes the upper or lower body weapon that is used to impact on the target. It is the conduit between your body in motion (kinetic energy) and the target.

To maximize striking power, the tool will be structurally sound and prepared for the impact. It will give you the ability to strike with your bodyweight and not just with the weight of your limbs.

An appropriate tool will result in an injury to your opponent and not to you. It will always adhere to the following principles: keep it simple and straightforward (KISS) KJ McDaniels Jersey , the closest weapon to the closest target, and, hard on soft, soft on hard.

At the point of contact with the target, the tool, together with the rest of your body will be one solid unit. However, beyond that initial contact Lucas Nogueira Jersey , your intent is to penetrate the tool deep into your opponents body. To achieve this penetration we use the potential energy stored within our muscles to extend and drive or extend and rotate the tool through and beyond the target.

In martial arts competitions, targets such as the eyes and the groin are out of bounds and for very good reason. A thumb in the eye or a knee to the groin has the potential to cause a serious injury. It is for this very reason that the eyes and groin are excellent targets for self defenceself protection. Self defenceself protection is not a passive, non violent act; it is about self preservation and whatever it takes to get the job done quickly.

The best targets are those which are going to result in an injury that requires medical attention. They are the weak points on the human body, regardless of gender, size or muscle mass. When hit correctly, they are the points on the human body that will result not only in an injury but also a predictable involuntary response.

There are hundreds of targets on the human body. There are numerous tools that can be employed in self defence and the martial arts. However, not all of them will adhere to the self defenceself protection principles and performance criteria discussed in this article. The following is a list of tools and targets that I prefer and recommend:

Tools - Palm Heel Delon Wright Jersey , Hammer Fist, Forearm, Elbow, Shoulder, Vertical Fist, Phoenix Eye Fist, Front Kick Pascal Siakam Jersey , Knee, Oblique Stomping Kick and Side Stomping Kick

Targets 芒鈧€?Eyes, Ears, Nose, Chin, NeckThroat, Collarbone Jakob Poeltl Jersey , Solar Plexus, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Groin, Outside Thigh (Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve), Knee Norman Powell Jersey , Shin and Ankle

With these tools and targets, your objective is to cause an injury; to incapacitate your opponent. To achieve this, you have to generate and transfer the largest amount of kinetic energy possible into the target. You have to maximize your striking power.脗聽

Using an appropriate tool for a specific target is an important ingredient in the recipe for maximizing striking power, but as discussed earlier in this article and in previous articles, there are four elements that need to be present. The four elements are: Structure, the Body in Motion (kinetic energy), an Appropriate Tool Jonas Valanciunas Jersey , and a Specific Target.

Article Source: Link

About the Author:

Michael Harkess is the Senior Instructor for the Unique Solutions Street Self Protection Program.

During his late teens and early 20's, Michael芒鈧劉s martial arts experience extended to Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Karate.

Later in life, he developed an intense interest in the many different styles of Kung Fu, both external and internal. In 1992, Michael graduated as an Instructor, in the style Ging Mo Kune OG Anunoby Jersey , at the Malcolm Sue Kung Fu School (MSKFS). Whilst employed as a part time instructor at the MSKFS, he also attended classes in Chen Style Tai Chi and developed an interest in Nine Dragon Baguazhang, both of which are internal styles of Kung Fu.

12 months later he graduated as a Senior Instructor and commenced work on the design and development of his Unique Solutions' Street Self Protection Program. To facilitate continuous improvement of his program, Michael has researched numerous personal protection, self defence and martial arts disciplines. The research continues芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧γ⑩偓娄芒鈧?br >

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