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s, but individually, particularly in the light

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PříspěvekZaslal: so 06. květen, 2017 9:54    Předmět: s, but individually, particularly in the light Odpovědět s citátem

Everybody has a favourite team. We suffer with them when they lose and rejoice when they win. The trouble is some teams never seem to win. Of the 30 teams in Major League baseball, eight have never won the World Series. In the American League, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Texas and Houston have never celebrated victories in the Fall Classic, but at least the Rays, Rangers and Houston got that far. Seattle, the Blue Jays expansion cousin, never has. In the National League, Washington/Montreal, Milwaukee, Colorado and San Diego have never emerged victorious, though all but the Nationals/Expos have made it to the World Series. Washington and Milwaukee have actually tasted victory, but with other franchises in the past - the Senators and the Braves. All of this made me wonder how the other "Big 4" sports compare. In the NHL, 12 of the current 30 teams have never won, though Ottawa and Vancouver did capture Cups in the early 1900s. Still, essentially that is 40 per cent of the teams that have never reached the "promised land." In the NFL, 14 of the 32 teams have never won the Super Bowl, though I must add some of those 14 teams won titles in the old AFL, or in the NFL before the merger.Still, thats just over 43 per cent who havent been Super Bowl Champs. The NBA has the worst percentage of all. 16 of 30 teams have all been also-rans for their entire current existence, or just over 53 per cent. I dont really know what any of this means. Someone once told me, its all about the journey and not the end result. The emotional ups and downs make sports what they are and why they are so compelling. The debate over the Washington Redskins name and whether it should be changed has pretty much reached the boiling point now. Im in the camp that believes it should be changed, but its interesting how the name came to be and its baseball connection. Washington wasnt the original home of that NFL franchise. They began in Boston in 1932, as the Braves. They played in the home park of Bostons National League franchise, the Braves, so owner George Preston Marshall figured it was best to stick with the same name. The following year, though, he struck a better deal and moved the team to Fenway Park; the home of the American League Red Sox. To pay homage to the Bosox, he wanted to include the word Red in the teams new nickname. It also so happened that his coach, William "Lone Star" Dietz, had a mother of Indian heritage. That lead Marshall to combine the colour with a rather strange tribute to his coach, who eventually wound up in the College Football Hall of Fame. None of that justifies the name; its just interesting to find out how it came about. There was a special anniversary this week. November 7th marked 50 years since the Yankees Elston Howard won the American Leagues Most Valuable Player Award. The Yankees have had so many great catches over their history; from Bill Dickey to Yogi Berra, Thurman Munson and Jorge Posada, that at times Howard gets pushed into the background. But he occupies a special place in Yankees history. He was the first African-American player to suit up with the Yankees in 1955. That was a full eight years after Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was to the Yankees shame that it took that long for them to employ a black ballplayer. Jackie Robinson played his first season in the Dodgers organization at Montreal with the old Royals. Elston Howard too had his Canadian connection. He was an all-star with the Pennant-winning Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League in 1954 - the year before joining the Yankees. In addition to the MVP honours, Howard won four World Series rings with the Yankees. He was also with the Red Sox in 1967 for their miracle run under Dick Williams, which ended with them losing the Fall Classic with St. Louis. That Boston club was the parent team of the Maple Leafs. Baseballs offseason activity is really going to start to percolate next week. The 13 players who were offered those $14.1 million qualifying offers will have to decide by November 12 whether to accept or reject them. At the same time, the general managers will be meeting in Orlando, Florida from November 11-13. Remember, the GMs meetings were a couple of days earlier a year ago and that is where the genesis of the mammoth 12-player deal began to evolve. That deal was completed on November 13 and was finally approved by commissioner Bud Selig on Monday November 19. Im not saying the Blue Jays are going to pull off anything close to a deal of that scope, but they have to be active; they must improve. The next week or so should be very interesting. Richard Jefferson Jersey . Tortorella told The Vancouver Province hell be cheering for Team Sweden to win gold when they take on the defending Olympic champions on Sunday morning. "I hope Sweden wins, cause I dont think Hammer (Dan Hamhuis) is going to play, judging by whats happened. Mike Dunleavy Cavaliers Jersey . Dillon Brooks scored 26 points on 9-17 shooting for Canada while pulling down six rebounds and picking up six steals. Teammate Chris Egi had 20 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks. http://www.procavaliersshop.com/mo-williams-cavaliers-jersey/.com) - Even on the day his New Hampshire football team became the nations top-ranked team two weeks ago, coach Sean McDonnell conceded something about the team they replaced at No. J.R. Smith Cavaliers Jersey . Rodgers was ruled out on Friday by Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Matt Flynn will make his second consecutive start for the Packers. Matthew Dellavedova Jersey .The team had a meeting prior to facing Russia at the world junior hockey championship and got the effort theyve been looking for by defeating the Russians 4-1 to advance to the quarter-finals.The FIBA World Cup gold and bronze medal matches are set. As expected, the USA plays in the championship game against unexpected upstarts Serbia. Will Strickland and Duane Watson of TSN 1050s 1 On 1 With Will & Duane share the ball this week with Postmedia news editor/writer, Hasan Alanam, also a statistics consultant for the Womens program at Canada Basketball. TSNs Three-Man-Weave assesses the World Cup as it winds down and weighs in on the unfolding situation with the Atlanta Hawks. After spoiling the anticipated FIBA World Cup Final by shocking Spain 65-52, did France become the Cinderella of the tournament? Strickland: Hard to call one of the top teams in the world and current Eurobasket champs Cinderella, even without Tony Parker and Joakim Noah, but the good money was on a final match-up between hoops superpowers Spain and the USA. Despite the heroics of Nic Batum and Boris Diaw, France was edged by the real Cinderella, Serbia, in the semi-final. Lead by Milos Teodosic (look for him possibly on an NBA roster near you someday) and the irrepressible Bogdan Bogdan Bogdanovic, Serbias underdog status versus the US will have the Palacio de Los Desportes in Madrid at full tilt for what could be a thrilling final. Alanam: France stunned everyone after eliminating the only team that had a chance of beating USA and they did it without Tony Parker and several key rotational guys that helped France win the 2013 Eurobasket. Credit the French for recognizing the Diaw-Gasol mismatch and Rudy Gobert for shutting down the Spanish frontcourt. That said, France was only a big underdog in their match against Spain. Serbia, on the other hand, had a tougher path to the final after beating favourites Greece and Brazil. Theyre the Cinderella team of the tournament. Watson: France cant be a Cinderella if they are the reigning Eurobasket champions. They overachieved, but no team has surprised more than Serbia. Ranked 11th in the world, every country they defeated was ranked higher than them (Greece #5, Brazil #10 and France #Cool and they were all beat convincingly. With little NBA-calibre talent on the roster, they have shown how a balanced team effort can pull through, compete and win. Best chance for Serbia to knock off the USA in the Finals? Strickland: Hope that the USA doesnt show to the arena? Really, if Serbia can implement a plan to keep the USAs offensive rebounds relatively even with their own to quell second and third shot opportunities, limit dribble penetration, force live ball turnovers, stay home on the shooters and make bigs like Anthony Davis, Kenneth Faried, DeMarcus Cousins and Mason Plumlee decision-makers late in the shot clock, they have a real chance. Then again, looking at that laundry list of requirements against the USA, it should be posted under Serbias Easier Said Than Done file, as well. Alanam: Serbia has an outside shot of beating the USA if they can control the pace, limit their transition game and execute efficiently. They space the floor well, have three-point shooters outside (second in the tourney in 3PT%) and have multiple ball-handlers that can run their staple high pick-and-roll play. It will be interesting to see how Milos Teodosic, arguably the best point guard in Europe, stacks up against the elite USA point guards. Watson: Im going to throw the playbook out the window here. If Serbia continues to play with confidence and never-say-die-attitude that got them to this point, they will be ok. They surely will compete and not be scared of the fact theyre playing the US. They havent backed down to anyone and wont now. They just have to be able to come up with answers defensively. Who is the MVP of FIBA World Cup 2014? Strickland: Fans vote so, itll be Pau Gasol. The tourneys in Spain. Politically correct or even accurate? No, but the FIBA World Cup is being held in Spain! Being a firm believer in the idea that the team who wins normally has the MVP on its roster, it cant be Gasol. If Serbia upsets the USA in the final, Milos Teodosic is the MVP. The 65, 27-year-old Teodosic is one of the best players in Europe and has been beyond fantastically clutch in this tournament. When the USA wins, it should be either Klay Thompson or Kenneth Faried, two guys few were sure would make the US Mens National Team, but have been vital contributors to its success. Wonder if Duane Watson voted for Andray Blatche... #Gilas Alanam: It has to be Pau Gasol, despite Spains early exit. The 34-year-old big man looked as dominant as ever in international play and appears to be finally healthy after battling injuries the last two seasons with the Lakers. He finished the tournament aaveraging about 20 points and six rebounds with a true shooting percentage of over 68 per cent.dddddddddddd Chicago Bulls fans should be optimistic about this coming season even with Derrick Rose struggling in the tournament. Watson: Well, the fans actually vote for the MVP and since the World Cup is based in Spain, Pau Gasol will walk away with the award. Deservedly so, averaging 20 points a game, 5.9 rebounds and shooting 63 per cent from the field, while leading his team to an undefeated record in pool play. Gasol has used the World Cup as a perfect springboard for a fresh start with the Chicago Bulls this season. Derrick Rose is averaging 5.4 points per game, 2.8 assists and 2.0 rebounds on 27 per cent shooting from the field in 17 minutes a game. How would you rate his return? Strickland: Disappointingly incomplete. My issues with Derrick Martell Rose, how hes handled the injuries, his role on this team and public perception of his desire are myriad, but there is nothing Ive seen from Rose in this tournament that tells me his return to the NBA will also mark his return to elite status as a player or that hes fully shaken the mental, emotional and physical hurdles someone so athletically gifted may have to leap to find peace, progress and ultimate performance after such devastating injuries. Alanam: It would be unfair to rate Rose at this point because he is coming back from two major knee surgeries and playing under a different set of rules (and with a different ball). His jumpshot isnt falling, he isnt finishing well, has turnover issues (turnover rate over 20 per cent), but his drives to the rim have looked explosive and he has played solid defence. Rose had his best game against Slovenia when he dropped 16 points, but struggled in USAs semi-final match against Lithuania. Watson: On a scale of one to 10? FIVE. Rose has shown that his knees work and are functional, but his game and competitive spirit are somewhat lacking. I wont attribute it to the competition, as he has been training with USA Basketball all summer, but the player who dominated the league a few years ago is nowhere to be seen and this is against perceived weaker competition. He still has a few more kilometres to travel on the road to getting back to himself. If Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson or GM Danny Ferrys insensitive comments occurred as isolated incidences, would there be as much of an issue? Strickland: Wouldnt have made a difference one way or the other. In light of fresh scars from the Donald Sterling/LA Clippers drama, this situation in Atlanta reads like a modern Shakespearean tragedy. Front office power struggles between Bruce Levenson, Danny Ferry, CEO Steve Koonin and co-owner Michael Gearon, who looks to be the whistleblower here, are only the tip of the iceberg. Danny Ferry committed potential career suicide by claiming he was only reiterating words from a scouting report on then-free agent and fellow Duke alum Luol Deng, instead of speaking extemporaneously. And Bruce Levenson, in an attempt to address market pressures, but in racially insensitive tones, is relinquishing his majority ownership of the club, aware of the consequences of his judgement. It may get worse before it gets better in the ATL. Alanam: In the post-Donald Sterling era, any time when there is any sort of racially charged comments coming from a high-ranking front office member of a team, its going to be a big deal. This is a league thats predominantly African-American and has always gotten high marks for its diversity, so this goes completely against what they stand for. Luckily for the NBA, they have the Ray Rice situation unfolding at the same time. This could have been a lot worse. Watson: The coupling of the statements spells bad news for the Hawks, but individually, particularly in the light of Donald Sterlings Clippers fiasco, they would likely have had the same amount of weight. Levensons insensitive e-mail was damning and a sale of his majority share was inevitable. Ferrys mishandling of statements that werent his, made the situation worse and referring to it as a poor judgement call would be a gross understatement. He apologized, but is the only one who hasnt owned up to what he said, unlike Sterling or Levenson. The fact they both happened within a relatively short timeframe of one another speaks to the culture in the Atlanta organization, which is in desperate need of change. The Three-Man Weave contributors are co-hosts of TSN Radio 1050s 1 On 1 with Will & Duane, Will Strickland (@WallStrizzle1), Duane Watson (@DuaneWatson) and Postmedia News editor / writer Hasan Alanam (@hasanalanam). Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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