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Quiz 1
a. What is specific psychiatric disease depicted?
b. What characteristics of the disorder are evident?
Hallucinations, mental hiccups, delusion Cheap Jerseys , and schizophrenia.
c. What are societal or cultural attitudes reflected?
The society views the psychiatric disorders as criminal, violent, and unattractive. Also Wholesale Baseball Jerseys , the stereotypes surrounding insanity are more likely to be agreed with compared to factual data regarding the mental disorders. Also, women are seen as being brutal as seen from Teddy鈥檚 wife.
d. What ethical questions are brought to light? 1
In Ashecliffee Hospital, there are 67 psychologically ill patients with a history of murder or other violent crimes committed by other people. In shutter island Wholesale MLB Jerseys , we also meet Andrew Laeddis who has been placed on Shutter Island and has been separated from the community without his will. Andrew is unaware that he was even insane or admitted to the hospital for the time he spent there.
e. Has your knowledge of psychiatric mental health nursing changed how you respond to the film or the charters?
Yes, my knowledge of mental health has changed. I have come to do away with the stereotypes that have been holding regarding mental health and have learned that they are the people like us if only they are given good care.
f. How could you use the film to help patients, families Wholesale Jerseys China , communities, or health care staff respond to mental illness or its treatment?
I will show the film to show to the people the negative attitudes that they hold against the mentally ill people and how they are isolated from the society. I will use this to oppose the maltreatments for the psychiatric and help the society have a positive view of these patients.
2. Formulate a nursing care plan with one of the characters in the film you viewed.

Nursing Intervention Rationale
Examine any incoherence in speech and if it is chronic Establishing a good background helps to have clear goals
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